dmarcian's mission – help people deploy DMARC

Asset Management

Building on dmarcian's proven DMARC Deployment Support, dmarcian can help you identify and manage all of your organization's Internet domains. (The D in DMARC stands for "Domain-Based"!)

dmarcian's unique Domain Asset Management functionality allows you to manage your Internet domains as digital assets to:

  • Discover and centrally manage domains.
    • Organizations may own/operate thousands of unmanaged domains.
    • Organizations may not even know all domains that are registered!
  • Build compliance and ensure protection across all domain-based assets, starting with DMARC.
    • Eliminate risk related to impartial/missing protection of Internet domains.
  • Be able to answer the question: "Do you have all of our domains under control?"
    • "Yes, all of our domains are managed as proper digital assets!"

If you're responsible for maintaining the security and compliance of digital assets dmarcian can help you get your domains under control.

Contact us to dig into Domain-Based Asset Management at your organization.

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