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What is DMARC.IO?

As presented in the post, The Importance of Sources in DMARC, source information is displayed in several places. Most are within dmarcian’s application itself, but there’s one external repository - DMARC.IO The purpose of this resource is to help operators, developers, deployers – essentially anybody that deals with DMARC in one way or another – by providing information that is classified into four categories: Email sources - infrastructures that send email on behalf of other domains Email forwarders - services…
Vaughn Talbert
23 May 2019
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Easy Guide to Adding DMARC to Office 365

Microsoft's Office 365 platform supports DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance). This protocol prevents spammers from illegitimately using your domain and sending email with a "From" address that makes email appear to come from someone in your domain. The impact of spammers illegitimately using your domain to send spam or junk email negatively affects your domain quality and domain reputation. The complete Microsoft guide is listed here.The starting point is to review the SPF and DKIM settings as an…
Vaughn Talbert
21 March 2019
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dmarcian’s Timeline Feature

dmarcian’s platform gathers all of the disparate pieces of information about how your domain is utilized across the Internet (sources sending on your behalf, authorized or not, DNS records across vendors, etc.) and helps you make sense of it all. The Timeline provides a visual representation of your domain's DNS history which makes issues easy to find and obvious to tackle.  You can easily see when a record has been added or modified and is an invaluable tool when it…
Vaughn Talbert
18 December 2018
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Announcing Single Sign-On (SSO) Support

dmarcian is proud to announce a highly anticipated new feature - Single Sign-On (SSO) support, leveraging Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) version 2 for Enterprise users.  This will expedite access to your dmarcian account by letting you sign in with your existing corporate credentials, which means one less password to keep track of.  With our SSO, you can easily manage SSO access and user permissions to all of your accounts in dmarcian centrally while adhering to your organization's security and access policies.…
Vaughn Talbert
19 July 2018
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Published a DMARC record but haven’t received any XML Reports?

A common problem many people face when implementing DMARC for the first time is that they are not receiving aggregate XML reports (reports generated for delivery to the rua= tag) in their dmarcian account. These XML reports are the driving force of DMARC. Without them, it's very difficult to get an accurate picture of your domain's usage across the internet. If you've created a dmarcian account, have published records but have not received data, don't fret!  It is typically caused by…
13 July 2016