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What is DMARC.IO?

As presented in the post, The Importance of Sources in DMARC, source information is displayed in several places. Most are within dmarcian’s application itself, but there’s one external repository - DMARC.IO The purpose of this resource is to help operators, developers, deployers – essentially anybody that deals with DMARC in one way or another –…
Vaughn Talbert
23 May 2019
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DK Hostmaster Workshop & Identifier Alignment

At a recent DK Hostmaster workshop, guest instructor Tim Draegen, CEO of dmarcian and one of the primary authors of DMARC, helped attendees better understand how DMARC makes use of authentication to improve email security using the well-known SPF and DKIM mechanisms, how DMARC’s reporting protocols help protect your email domains quickly and precisely, and…
Vaughn Talbert
5 December 2018
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dmarcian Announces Japanese Instance

As part of our dmarcian's mission to upgrade the entire world’s email by making DMARC accessible to all, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Japanese instance of our platform. This new instance retains Japanese data within Japan to resolve all issues related to APPI cross-border data transfer. Create a FREE 14-day…
Vaughn Talbert
7 November 2018
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GDPR’s Impact on DMARC Data Collection

When the EU passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) it triggered a worldwide examination of different types of data, including the data found in DMARC Aggregate (RUA) and Failure (RUF) reports. A legal analysis from ECO, the German Internet Industry group, breaks down all aspects of DMARC data and the concerns involved related to…
Barry Jones
24 September 2018