dmarcian Detail Viewer

We’re incredibly excited to share recent improvements to one of the most heavily used elements of our application—the Detail Viewer. All of us at dmarcian are certain that you will find these updates to be useful throughout the process of DMARC deployment and management.

We’ve added some performance enhancements to the data-analysis stage of report processing that has drastically reduced the time it takes for reports to generate. We find this especially impactful when generating reports with large datasets, filtering on multiple values, or processing datasets over longer time periods.

We also have been working to process, validate, and expose more information that some XML reporters provide. Now you will be able to see data contained within optional (the specification does not require reporters to include this data) DMARC record reports. Most notably, we now show DKIM selectors used as well as their pass/fail and alignment state for the row. Please note that not all DMARC reporters provide this information within the reports, so data for these fields will only be present when provided by the reporter.

Other small but notable improvements include sorting on the popover which appears when you click on reporters in the “Reporter” column, as well as a new column containing a mouseover which shows data in columns you have hidden. This is helpful if you’d like quick insight into a particular row, without having to adjust your preferred column visibility options.

We hope these enhancements make your DMARC deployment projects more streamlined and informative. We always welcome feedback and feature requests.

Thanks for reading and happy deploying!