DMARC Inspector

The DMARC Inspector is a diagnostic tool that parses and presents a view of DMARC records. The tool allows people to quickly understand a domain owner's DMARC record and any fixes that may need to be made.

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DMARC Inspector

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DMARC Record Wizard


What domain would you like to create a record for?

Please enter a valid domain, or leave blank.

What type of DMARC policy do you want?

How do you want to treat mail that fails the DMARC check? *
Nothing yet, just collect data.
Quarantine it for further analysis.
Reject it outright.

Where do you want Aggregate Reports sent?

Data is the driving force of DMARC. If an address is specified, Aggregate DMARC reports will be delivered to the given email address for further processing.

Dmarcian provides an email address for registered users where data can be sent and automatically processed and viewed in Mission Control.
Please enter valid email address or leave blank

Do you want to receive individual failure reports?

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Dig into email by generating Forensic DMARC reports. Although not required to get DMARC in place, it may be helpful in identifying sources or patterns of email abuse. For more information on DMARC Forensic reports, check out this article on our Space Library

Dmarcian provides an email address for registered users where forensic reports can be delivered and analyzed in the Forensic Lab .
Please enter valid email address or leave blank

When do you want to generate Forensic Reports?

When both SPF and DKIM fail.
When either SPF or DKIM fails.
When DKIM fails.
When SPF Fails.

Relaxed or Strict Mechanisms?

Here, you can change the Identifier Alignment for each mechanism.
DKIM Alignment
SPF Alignment

Do you want a different policy for subdomains?

By default, the policy applied to will be applied to

Yes No

What policy do you want to apply to email from a sub-domain of this DMARC record that fails the DMARC check? This will default to whatever policy is applied to the organizational domain.

What percentage of email do you want to apply this to?

Finally, what percentage of messages originating from your mail domain would you like to apply this to?
Please enter a valid number from 1-100

Subdomain Policy:
DKIM Alignment:
SPF Alignment:
RUA Address:

RUF Address:

Policy Application Percent:

Forensic Reporting Options: