To help fulfill our mission to “fix email” dmarcian is rapidly expanding and seeks to provide world-class service to our clients by creating a global network of providers to assist our clients with their DMARC deployment process.

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INGRESSUM provides a comprehensive suite of services to maintain the security of your organisation, internal users and your external customers including protection of your digital brands. “Before you begin your journey, you must first know where you are!”

Also servicing the Philippines 


DESTINY NV is a B2B Cloud Telecom challenger, providing state of the art email, web and endpoint security solutions across Europe​. With more than 10 years in the telecom and security market, DESTINY has built up a high profile experience and is servicing businesses, ranging from 10 to 10.000 users. Operating from Brussels, we assist our customers & partners to find a way through the IT jungle by providing tailor-made secure cloud telecom solutions. This way, we translate complex challenges into worry-free services.. as it should be!

Czech Republic

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Established 2006, in Prague, The Czech Republic, MAILKIT from day one has stood out as a company that takes a serious stand against SPAM and other nefarious types of email traffic. As a result the company boasts a reputation score with inbox providers and anti-abuse systems that is unmatched.


CREDOCOM A/S is a privately owned Danish company that has been around for more than 10 years.  At CREDOCOM we possess deep competencies in the areas of network, security and data centers. We advise, design, deliver, install and support complex solutions in these areas, whether single-use or cross-cutting and fully-integrated.

DEFENDAS A/S is a specialist company focused solely on IT security. We have chosen to collaborate with a few market-leading manufacturers and consultancy companies, where we offer advice and deliver solutions through our Partners. Our primary goal is to protect Danish and Nordic companies against cyber-related threats through better-designed security solutions and systems.

OMNISEC is a Danish company that specialises in information & cybersecurity. OMNISEC offers professional consulting, managed services and support within information security and GDPR. We offer this on on-prem, hybrid and cloud solutions. We assist customers with solutions in Firewall, Antivirus, DMARC/SPF/DKIM, SIEM and others.


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3DX has become an expert in email security and in particular surveillance and defense against identity theft attacks. The 3DX team is proud to work with dmarcian to support French companies and organizations in the deployment of their defensive DMARC policies.


INJENIA guides companies towards digital transformation with solutions that bring the benefits of effectiveness and efficiency, adopting an innovative approach characterized by flexibility and simplicity. Thanks to the experience gained in the course of the projects, for hundreds of customers throughout Italy in both public and private in all sectors, we can provide advice, cloud strategy, implementation, customization and integration without equal. 

The Netherlands

CONCLUSION FIT  bridges the gap between security and ambition. We oversee the entire ICT value chain, from data center to end-user. We design, build, migrate, manage and innovate your IT landscape.

DIGITAL VILLAGE is an innovative and versatile online interactive agency. The inhabitants of the DIGITAL VILLAGE only go home when the customer is satisfied. An online experience should make for a surprising, amazing impression on the end user. The art of leaving that impression with every online experience is in the DNA of the DIGITAL VILLAGE. Our mentality is not reaching the expected goals, but exceeding them.

MOTIV provides organizations in the public and private sectors with innovative ICT security solutions and services to prevent cyber crime, data theft and data leaks. Our experienced security professionals understand the issues facing businesses and the place of security within the IT landscape. They carefully identify security risks and, by combining high-quality knowledge, smart ideas and technological possibilities, offer innovative solutions that ensure optimally secured business processes and applications.

Software Connection specializes in designing, implementing, securing and managing digital infrastructure for EMAIL, DNS and everything related to it.


SMSAM SYSTEM LTD is a pan African disruptive Cyber Security Consulting firm, driven with an intense patriotism and passion to secure all of Africa’s IT assets by stopping breaches at every institutions and organizations across the continent. While we’re not claiming to have the ability to prevent all compromises or intrusions at your infrastructures (physical or cloud), we’re making a bold, assertive and ambitious claim to stop breaches on your infrastructures!

It’s expedient to state what we believe – Only Africans can truly secure Africa in all of its ramifications, Cyber Security related issues inclusive. We have an idea how to achieve this and that’s what we do at SMSAM SYSTEMS.


INTILITY is an industrialized and fully managed platform service used by more than 600 companies across 2000 locations in Norway and the rest of the world. INTILITY includes end-to-end responsibility for everything from local infrastructure and devices to an ever-growing ecosystem of integrated cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Amazon Web Services. A secure and well-functioning platform is a prerequisite for companies that want to utilize IT to increase their own productivity and competitiveness. INTILITY provides satisfied employees and acts as a catalyst for companies that want to digitize their own core business.


EXCEDO NETWORKS helps organizations to secure and protect their brands and company names traditionally and digitally. In combination with technical operation-, security- and monitoring services, we enable control, availability and protection for the company’s digital presence and identity as well as brands. Our target market is the Scandinavian landscape, but our technical services are delivered to customers globally.

PULSEN was founded in 1964 at a time when it was considered groundbreaking to simply be in the industry. But 50 years later, we still maintain that position. We have successfully went through revolutionary changes in the industry – every one of them. And the way we’ve done it is to focus on you. Our customers. As long as we design services, systems and products with you in mind, we will be able to exist for 50 years more and continue to be one of Sweden’s largest IT companies.

PORTS GROUP is a full service partner for global protection and monitoring of trademarks and domain names. With over 15 000 clients in over 160 countries, PORTS GROUP is the market leader in Scandinavia for protecting trademarks and domain names.

RULE COMMUNICATION AB develops smart communication solutions at the cutting edge of technology. The system Rule, which is used for digital communication via email and SMS, has been developed through close dialogue with the customers, resulting in a user-friendly system that streamlines the external communication.


ZENData deals in nothing but cyber security and digital protection. It co-operates with existing suppliers to present a security viewpoint on IT and propose independent solutions.  ZENData gathers, in a single firm, all the best IT protection solutions available on the market. It identifies, jointly with the client, the specific arrangements and steps needed to meet their requirements based on their own risks and threats, offering made-to-measure protection.

United States

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SPARKPOST, the world’s #1 email deliverability analytics platform, empowers companies with actionable, real-time data to optimize email performance, increase engagement and achieve higher inbox placement. SPARKPOST’S powerful data-driven platform, which analyzes and distills over a trillion data signals across the globe, puts both customers and security first by being GDPR and SOC2 Type 2 compliant. Trusted to send over 37% of the world’s B2C and B2B email, some of the world’s largest senders such as: Zillow, The New York Times, Adobe, and depend on SPARKPOST to optimize their email program.

GREATHORN delivers a next generation email security platform purpose-built for cloud-based communications systems. Built on a foundation of machine learning and automation, GREATHORN delivers the industry’s most effective and comprehensive email security solution, and can be deployed and operational in less than 5 minutes. With its proprietary dataset built from hundreds of millions of uniquely analyzed threats, GREATHORN combines the intelligence, fidelity and precision necessary to prevent attacks from becoming breaches.

Founded in 2014, INBOX PROS is the leading expert in email deliverability, privacy, compliance, deliverability training and certification in the United States. We specialize in evaluating mailing infrastructure set-up, email authentication, sender reputation, bounces and complaints, list quality and permissions, email compliance, and message content. INBOX PROS also provides ISP remediation, domain specific volume and policy guidelines, and email industry updates. We also offer the world’s first and only Email Deliverability Certification Class. INBOX PROS is a proud member of M3AAWG, IAPP, EEC, AMA, and other professional email organizations.

ENCIRCA is a Boston-based ICANN-accredited domain name registrar and trademark protection service company founded in 2001.   The company supports registration for hundreds of TLDs, with a specialty in restricted TLDs, such as .BANK, .PHARMACY, .TRAVEL and .JOBS. as well as the majority of ccTLDs.  The company is the exclusive registrar and validation provider for many TLDs, including: .REALTOR, .MED, .HOMES, .MOTORCYCLES, .AUTOS, .BOATS and .YACHTS as well as several others under non-disclosure.

As a leading cloud solutions provider, ONIX creates targeted solutions with infrastructure, collaboration, devices, search and geospatial technology. We back our strategic planning and deployment with incomparable ongoing service, training and support.