Videos on all things DMARC

We're very pleased to release a bunch of short videos (9 of them!) that walk through various aspects of DMARC.  These videos draw upon the best of our training courses, are freely available, and can be viewed at your leisure. These videos stand by themselves and should be accessible even to the less technically inclined among us.  If you've got an hour and you'd like to become an expert in DMARC, view them in order and then let us know how…
7 December 2015
Industry News

More Yahoo domains move to p=reject

Yahoo is placing and into p=reject on November 2nd. This information is being provided to give people and companies time to prepare, as the #1 piece of feedback from when Yahoo moved to a p=reject was that Yahoo didn't let the Internet know about the move in advance. Hopefully, this announcement will ease any pain that users of and might have when sending email from infrastructure that is not authorized by Yahoo.
12 October 2015