Too many DNS lookups?

People sometimes run into the "too many DNS lookups" error when rolling out and managing SPF. It doesn't help that there is a lot of bad guidance on the Internet. This article describes how to fix this issue. (more…)
4 August 2016

Broken SPF…what does it mean?

People sometimes write in and ask "what is the impact of a broken SPF record"? The net effect of a broken SPF record is that receivers can't reliably use SPF to determine the legitimacy of the domain's email.  *Some* receivers might ignore the broken parts of an SPF record and keep checking, but out of the box all SPF implementations will barf, and you'll be left with a record that is introducing uncertainty into email performance. We've discovered an odd…
10 October 2015
dmarcian Tools

Meaning of “WARNING: No A or AAAA records found”

If you publish an SPF record and use the a mechanism, but your domain doesn't actually have an A record in place, then you'll see this warning. Here's a sample SPF record that contains the a mechanism (the a is in bold): v=spf1 a ~all The A DNS record is how you use the DNS to associate an IP address with your domain.  The AAAA DNS record (also called "quad-A") is used to associate an IPv6 address with your…
8 October 2015