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This is a selection of our blog content that includes useful articles on understanding, deploying and managing DMARC, SPF, DKIM and related technologies.

SPF-Identified Servers – How and Why

By | dmarcian Platform, Technical Guidance

To turn DMARC into something useful to people, dmarcian processes DMARC data using a big pile of rules.  These rules identify sources of email, and dmarcian presents users with DMARC compliance information based on email source. One identified source of email is called “SPF-Identified Servers”, and dmarcian users are often curious as to how data ends up in…

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Policy Modes: Quarantine vs Reject

By | Deployment, Technical Guidance

Domain owners can publish policies that will be applied to email that is not compliant with DMARC: p=none is used to collect feedback and gain visibility into email streams without impacting existing flows. It’s a crucial first step. p=quarantine allows email receivers to treat email that fails the DMARC check as suspicious and files them…

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