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This is a selection of our blog content that includes useful articles on understanding, deploying and managing DMARC, SPF, DKIM and related technologies.

More Yahoo domains move to p=reject

By | Ecosystem News, Technical Guidance

Yahoo is placing and into p=reject on November 2nd. This information is being provided to give people and companies time to prepare, as the #1 piece of feedback from when Yahoo moved to a p=reject was that Yahoo didn’t let the Internet know about the move in advance. Hopefully, this announcement will…

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PTR mechanisms in SPF records

By | Email Technology, Technical Guidance

If PTR mechanisms are detected, the current diagnostic output is: Warning: PTR mechanisms SHOULD NOT be used and cannot be resolved using this diagnostic tool. What does the PTR mechanism mean?  When an email receiver gets a piece of email and the PTR mechanism is in the sender’s SPF record, the receiver will look at…

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