DKIM Validator

DKIM Validator Tool

Our DKIM Validator is a diagnostic tool that validates the content of DKIM records.

Why to validate your DKIM record?

  • To verify your DKIM public key prior to adding it into your DNS
  • Because incorrect formatting of the DKIM record will cause DKIM validation issues

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Tag Name Default Translation
v Version DKIM1 Version of the DKIM key record (plain-text; RECOMMENDED). This tag MUST be the first tag in the record if present. Warning: some ISPs may mark the DKIM authentication check as neutral if the version tag is invalid.
h Hash algorithms * (allow all) Acceptable hash algorithms (plain-text; OPTIONAL). A colon-separated list of hash algorithms that might be used. Unrecognized algorithms MUST be ignored. The currently recognized algorithms are “sha1” and “sha256”.
k Key type rsa Key type (plain-text; OPTIONAL). Unrecognized key types MUST be ignored. Supported values: “rsa”, “ed25519”.
n Notes (empty) Notes that might be of interest to a human (OPTIONAL). Not interpreted in any way.
p Public key (none) Public-key data (base64; REQUIRED). An empty value means that this public key has been revoked. This is the only required tag.
s Service type * (allow all) Service Type (plain-text; OPTIONAL). A colon-separated list of service types to which this record applies. Unrecognized service types MUST be ignored. Currently only “email” is recognized.
t Flags (no flags set) Flags (plain-text; OPTIONAL). A colon-separated list of names. Unrecognized flags MUST be ignored. The defined flags are as follows:
“y” – this domain is testing DKIM (test mode)
“s” – verifiers MUST check for domain alignment (strict mode)