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DMARC for Schools

How are you protecting your students, alumni and donors from email fraud?

With remote learning growing more rapidly than ever before, K-12 schools and higher education institutions have been forced to adopt or advance their learning management systems and email communications to students and other stakeholders. Cybercriminals have noticed and as a result, phishing attacks on schools have soared to create a greater risk for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance, digital asset protection, intellectual property loss, and institutional trust.

The FBI estimates that email account compromise scams accounted for more than $26 billion in losses, including school districts, colleges and universities. When an institution of higher education suffers a data breach, not only are there losses from misdirected funds and clean-up costs, but also media attention and tarnished brand reputation.

According to AT&T Cybersecurity, “As schools across the globe turn digital due to students studying from home, they are becoming more vulnerable targets to cyberattacks. Schools are finding themselves outmatched as these threats intensify.”

dmarcian made DMARC very simple to set up with examples and reporting that allowed me to monitor at first and work our way up to a 100% p=reject DMARC policy. The tools were easy to use and helped me build the SPF, DKIM and DMARC records to publish on our DNS.

Frank Taormina, Assistant Director of Information Systems. Rockport, MA Government & Educational Services

Looking back, there were indications that the Department of Education may soon require the adoption of DMARC, which was becoming a best practice and something we should consider. Experience was a substantial factor when we began searching for a DMARC partner. We read that one of the founders of dmarcian was instrumental in drafting the original standard; that knowledge gave us comfort and confidence in the expertise and familiarity of DMARC within dmarcian. When our staff evaluated each of the vendors, it was clear that dmarcian was a leader, understood higher education, and worked with other higher education customers.

University DMARC Project Lead

dmarcian is here to help educational organizations deploy DMARC authentication to fight business email compromise, phishing and spoofing with our DMARC Management Platform, educational resources, and expert support.

Johns Hopkins University
Syddansk Universitet - University of Southern Denmark
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System
Tecnológico de Monterrey
Florida Education Association

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