dmarcian’s DMARC SaaS platform receives, processes and classifies mail observed from your domain namespace and makes sense of it for you. The native XML format in which DMARC data is transmitted is not intended for human consumption. Our platform visualizes the data in powerful and meaningful ways so you can quickly identify authentication gaps (SPF/DKIM) and unauthorized use of your domains.

In addition to aggregating DMARC data, our platform provides domain administration teams with the necessary features to adopt DMARC with clarity and confidence. The dmarcian reporting platform sits atop the most accurate source classification engine in the industry and affords users with assurances of the true origin of a particular mail stream.

dmarcian has been processing DMARC data since the inception of the specification in 2012.

Without dmarcian

This—times a whole lot more, depending on the amount of email you send.

how a dmarc report looks like without being processed detail viewer for SaaS webpage

With dmarcian

DMARC’s XML feedback contains useful information, and dmarcian helps you make sense of it.

Domain Overview

The Domain Overview contains a summary of the status of all your domains and sources. The geographical location of recent abuse is also shown. View the state of your domains at a glance, and get to work locking down your email domains.

Learn more about our Domain Overview.

This is a screenshot of dmarcian's domain overview

Detail Viewer

The Detail Viewer allows you to explore your DMARC data in a variety of ways. It shows a timeline of your data along with search parameters such as From and To date selectors, domain and data-provider pickers, and a filter option that can be used to show what would have happened had a DMARC policy been in place.

detail viewer

The  Detail Viewer also shows your data grouped into four high-level tabs: DMARC-capable, Non-compliant, Forwarding, and Threat/Unknown. Each tab shows groups of infrastructure and details on DMARC compliance. You can find more information on how to get DMARC compliant per source. You can reveal more detail about each group and discover the sources of your domain’s email and combine data from multiple providers across specific timelines.

Learn more about our Detail Viewer.

Source Viewer

The Source Viewer shows an overview of the DMARC Capable Sources we have found across all of your domains or domain groups.

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dmarcian Source Viewer

Domain Discovery

Not sure what domains you have registered? dmarcian can help. Using Domain Discovery, dmarcian can automatically discover your digital assets and add them to your catalogue. This is an Enterprise plan only feature.


Integrate our DMARC SaaS Platform seamlessly into your own dashboards or SOC by using our API.  This is an Enterprise plan only feature.

Single Sign-On

Our DMARC SaaS Platform allows our customers to extend their security setup using Single Sign-On. Single Sign-On lets organizations define/manage access requirements and simplifies provisioning and deprovisioning of users. We currently support SAML V2.0. This is an Enterprise-only feature.

Automatic Subdomain Detection

Our DMARC SaaS Platform automatically detects, processes, sorts and displays subdomains and gives users the option to choose which subdomains are valuable to them.