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Secure Your dmarcian Account with 2FA using U2F Security Keys

dmarcian is happy to announce Two Factor Authentication for user accounts. The new security feature allows token based authentication with an app, such as Authy or Google Authenticator, or FIDO Universal Second Factor (U2F) which enables physical security keys like Yubikey or Nitrokey. Setup Instructions If you would like to setup 2FA, log into your account and visit the account preferences page. Then scroll down to the Two Factor Authentication section.Click “Add 2FA Device” and you will see a dialog…
Barry Jones
7 August 2019
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DMARC Advisors – A New Approach to the Sales Development Role

In most companies, a sales development representative acts as a sales agent who helps qualify leads in the sales pipeline. An SDR will strive to understand and define the customer’s needs as they guide them towards specific tiers of products and services; and the position typically resides within the Sales or Marketing teams.  And while they may not have a traditional sales quota, typically they’ll have target quotas for meetings booked, for example. However, as a mission-driven company, we believe…
Vaughn Talbert
5 August 2019
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The Biggest Email Receivers in the Game Recommend DMARC as a Best Practice

It’s no secret that email delivers the highest ROI of any other marketing medium, producing $44 for every $1 spent, says Campaign Monitor. According to McKinsey, when it comes to customer acquisition, email is 40x more effective than social media. It is also the most targeted medium for cybersecurity attacks with over 90% of attacks starting with a phishing email. To help protect against phishing attacks, prominent mailbox providers like Gmail and Yahoo have helped bring DMARC (Domain Based Message…
John Bowers
26 July 2019

How DMARC Contributes to Email Delivery and Engagement

In the State of Email Security, Mimecast reports that email “impersonation attacks increased almost 70 percent in comparison to the results in last year’s report – with 73 percent of those organizations impacted by impersonation attacks having experienced a direct loss, specifically loss of customers (28%), financial loss (29%) and data loss (40%). Phishing attacks were the most prominent type of cyberattack, with 94 percent of respondents having experienced phishing and spear phishing attacks in the previous 12 months, and…
John Bowers
26 July 2019
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Domain Overview, Source Viewer & Detail Viewer Video Overview

We take a look at our reporting platform, specifically the Domain Overview, Source Viewer and Detail Viewer. The Domain Overview contains a summary of the status of all your domains and sources. The geographical location of recent abuse is also shown. View the state of your domains at a glance, and get to work locking down your email domains. The Source Viewer shows an overview of the DMARC Capable Sources we have found across all of your domains or domain…
Vaughn Talbert
26 July 2019
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Once you’ve published DMARC records, DMARC data will typically begin to generate within a day or two in the form of reports that give you insight into the way your domains are handling email.  There are two forms of reports: RUA reports that provide a comprehensive view of all of a domain’s traffic, and RUF reports that are redacted copies of the individual emails that are not 100% compliant with DMARC.RUF data was originally intended to provide domain owners with…
Vaughn Talbert
25 June 2019