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How to implement DKIM and/or DMARC on Microsoft Exchange Server

Although many organizations are migrating to the cloud via Microsoft 365 or Exchange Online, we still see a lot of organizations still operating their own on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server. Over the past few years we’ve seen an increase in implementations of DMARC and DKIM in various platforms. Unfortunately, there is no out-of-the-box support for DKIM…
Vaughn Talbert
23 September 2020
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DMARC – Control Your Email Domains

This blog post is the third in a series of three with our friends at Inspired eLearning and GreatHorn. Be sure to join us September 23, 2020 for our webinar Developing an Offensive and Defensive Email Security Strategy.As more employees work remotely, the more an organization’s vital infrastructure is at risk for cyber crime. Domain-based…
John Bowers
15 September 2020
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Layering Security Awareness into Your Email Security Approach

This guest post from our friends at Inspired eLearning discusses how to move beyond a compliance approach and adapt content to benefit a variety of learning styles to improve employee and end-user training. Be sure to join us September 23, 2020 for our webinar Developing an Offensive and Defensive Email Security Strategy.Phishing attacks grow more…
John Bowers
11 September 2020

Advanced Threat Detection for Phishing Attacks

In this guest post from our friends at GreatHorn, learn how advanced threat detection for phishing attacks is important to protecting your organization and goes beyond just the basic security analysis and features. You have likely heard about or encounter some of these phishing attacks.  Be sure to join us along with our partners GreatHorn…
John Bowers
8 September 2020
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IP Safelisting Security Feature on dmarcian Platform

In the dmarcian application, you can take advantage of IP Safelisting functionality, which is available for both API access or standard login sessions for Plus and Enterprise subscription tiers. With IP Safelisting, dmarcian account administrators can set permission levels for other account users by restricting browser-based sessions to a predefined set of IP addresses. You…
John Bowers
10 August 2020
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Detail Viewer Overview

dmarcian's platform receives, processes, classifies and visualizes mail from your domain so you can quickly identify SPF and DKIM authentication gaps and unauthorized use of your domains. The reporting platform runs on the most accurate source classification engine in the industry and provides you with accurate and actionable knowledge for managing your email domains. One…
John Bowers
23 July 2020