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Our SPF Survey tool can show you how much traffic is coming from your listed entries.

To get to the tool, log in and navigate to the Domain Overview. Click on the SPF cell for a domain that has volume, and then click ‘Record Details’.  In the resulting view, select ‘View TMI’.  The reloaded view of the SPF record details integrates DMARC data to show you which of your SPF record entries are in active use for your domain(s), and in what way.  This can help you figure out which old entries in your record might…
Vaughn Talbert
14 February 2019
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Are your Google Calendar Invites Blocked by DMARC?

Even though Google has long supported DMARC, a handful of Google applications are still not capable of sending DMARC compliant email using both SPF and DKIM. If you’re a Google Suite customer using your own domain, email that originates from Google’s apps (such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides) and calendar service will still use a domain that points back to Google, and not your own domain, preventing SPF from supplying DMARC compliance. If your DMARC policy was…
Vaughn Talbert
7 February 2019
dmarcian Tools

Announcing dmarcian’s Timeline Feature

dmarcian’s platform gathers all of the disparate pieces of information about how your domain is utilized across the Internet (sources sending on your behalf, authorized or not,  DNS records across vendors, etc..) and helps you make sense of it all.  To that end, we are proud to announce a highly anticipated new feature – our Timeline. The Timeline provides a visual representation of your domain's DNS history which makes issues easy to find and obvious to tackle.  You can easily…
Vaughn Talbert
18 December 2018
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DK Hostmaster Workshop & Identifier Alignment

At a recent DK Hostmaster workshop, guest instructor Tim Draegen, CEO of dmarcian and one of the primary authors of DMARC, helped attendees better understand how DMARC makes use of authentication to improve email security using the well-known SPF and DKIM mechanisms, how DMARC’s reporting protocols help protect your email domains quickly and precisely, and how to install DMARC in your organization.To understand how DMARC makes use of authentication to improve email security, it is helpful to have an understanding…
Vaughn Talbert
5 December 2018

Webinar: A How-To Guide to Modernizing Your Phishing Defenses

In our last webinar, we discussed how phishing protection is a shared responsibility between the industry as a whole, organizations and their security teams, and the individual end user. In the 2nd webinar of our 3-part series, dmarcian CEO Tim Draegen and GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien discuss the phishing defenses of an ideal organization and talk about how to address the "danger zones" that represent the most underserved or misunderstood areas of phishing defense. We provide an action plan for:…
Vaughn Talbert
26 November 2018
Press Release

dmarcian Announces Partnership with EnCirca

Online Security Services Now More Accessible for Community Banks November 12th, 2018 - With trust at the heart of the bank-to-customer relationship, community banks strive to compete with mega banks in their ability to secure their online banking and email communication channels. As a whole, community banks with limited IT staff are particularly vulnerable to email, web, and online attacks from bad actors.  Fortunately, open standard technologies exist today for community banks to cost-effectively address cyber vulnerabilities and achieve the…
Vaughn Talbert
12 November 2018