The importance of TLS Reporting visibility graphic dmarcian Platform

SMTP TLS Reporting

SMTP TLS Reporting is about receiving reports from the internet regarding possible connection security issues that servers experience when connecting to your inbound email systems. Due to the open structure of the SMTP protocol, the connections between SMTP servers are susceptible to SMTP TLS downgrade attacks. The benefit of SMTP TLS reports is that it…
Vaughn Talbert
1 April 2021


MTA-STS is an inbound mail protocol designed to add a layer of encryption/security between sending and receiving mail servers. It was designed to patch an existing hole in the STARTTLS protocol that allowed for communication to be unencrypted via an attacker who could remove parts of the SMTP session (such as the "250 STARTTLS" response).…
Vaughn Talbert
1 April 2021
details of dmarcian's Source Viewer overview dmarcian Platform

Source Viewer Overview

The Source Viewer is where you get a quick, digestible view of where your mail is coming from and most importantly, what level of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC coverage each of your domains have. A Source is either a server under your control or a third-party platform that’s sending email on your behalf. dmarcian has…
Vaughn Talbert
26 March 2021
FBI 2020 Internet Crime Report Ecosystem News

FBI Releases 2020 Internet Crime Report

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has released the 2020 Internet Crime Report, which includes information from 791,790 complaints of suspected internet crime—an increase of more than 300,000 complaints from 2019—and reported losses exceeding $4.2 billion. 2020 was a record year for internet crime complaints from the American public with a 69% increase in…
Becky Kobsik
25 March 2021
SPF problems with Mailchimp DeploymentTechnical Guidance

SPF Problems with MailChimp

We sometimes hear from our customers who have problems with how Mailchimp handles SPF. They see the following in their dmarcian dashboard:SPF is not possible as Mailchimp uses their own domain in the bounce address.And sometimes they’ll message us with some variation of the following:I chatted with a support rep at Mailchimp this morning and…
Becky Kobsik
24 February 2021
Wix Logo DeploymentTechnical Guidance

How to Publish a DMARC Record with Wix

For those of you that use Wix as your DNS provider, here are brief instructions for adding a DMARC record. If your domain has been added through one of their partners, you’ll manage your DNS records through that hosting partner. Create your domain’s DMARC record. If you have already generated a DMARC record, you can…
Becky Kobsik
19 February 2021
DMARC Policies of Fortune 100 companies Ecosystem News

Fortune 100 DMARC Policies

We at dmarcian are dedicated to improving the reliability of the world’s email through the wide-spread adoption of DMARC by providing tools, education and deployment specialists. We find it useful to occasionally take stock of different metrics on how DMARC is being adopted. The Fortune 100 is an annual list compiled and published by Fortune…
Vaughn Talbert
26 January 2021
dmarcian Platform

Track DMARC Compliance with Account Progress Report

We at dmarcian have helped organizations and individuals deploy DMARC by monitoring over 2.5 million domains and counting. Throughout this experience we have found that showing our work and maintaining visibility to our goals is important. We are now rolling out an automated report that you can receive on a regular basis to show progress…
John Bowers
25 January 2021