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DMARC for Tech Companies

Are you helping your customers protect and manage their domains?

Since its inception, email has been the most prominent communication medium on the internet. The importance of email communication for internal use and with vendors and customers only highlights the need to safeguard this fundamental medium of exchange. Email lacks the ability to verify the authenticity of the sender. This fundamental flaw has allowed its exploitation by cyber criminals. DMARC solves this problem.

Domain spoofing via phishing exploits is at an all-time high with no indication of slowing. This drastic increase is ushering in an increase in security budgets and why we greatly value partnerships with technology companies. You help disseminate DMARC through your established customer base while differentiating your services. Your customers benefit from being better protected.

“We have gone through a number of mergers and acquisitions and have a lot of domain weight we carry with us wherever we go. dmarcian gave me information to work with employees so they could learn about DMARC as a best practice and get third-party services compliant."

- Lead Information Security Engineer

Get your domains into compliance.

Customer Success Story

Multinational Technology Company

The lead Information Security Engineer at a telecommunications enterprise recognized that it was time to secure the company’s vast domain catalog with DMARC.

As they began cataloging domains and monitoring email flows with a DMARC record, the security engineer learned that recent federal regulations required DMARC in order to maintain government contracts. They knew they needed assistance and partnered with dmarcian to rapidly and accurately deploy DMARC.

With thousands of domains, the company’s DMARC deployment team had a complex task before them. “dmarcian gave me information to work with employees so they could learn about DMARC as a best practice and get third-party services compliant,” says the DMARC Project Manager. “We use a ton of services that send email on our behalf, so it was a huge effort to get all that compliant.”

With expertise from dmarcian, they were able to secure top-level domains as well as parked domains. As part of the DMARC rollout, other related internal teams were brought up to speed on the DMARC project. Now, when they create or acquire a domain, they first add a DMARC record at p=reject so the domain can’t be used illegitimately. “From there, if the domain will be used to send email, we work to establish the DMARC, SPF and DKIM records,” says the DMARC Project Manager. “Starting from that place instead of having to get to that place makes all the difference in the world.”

dmarcian is here to help technology organizations deploy DMARC authentication to fight business email compromise, phishing and spoofing with our DMARC Management Platform, educational resources, and expert support.

Slack Corp
Airbnb, Inc.
Mofibo Books
Fitbit Inc.
Citrix Systems
Hewlett Packard
FIS Global

Get your domains into compliance.