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Free DMARC Tools


Our DMARC Management Platform is used all over the world to help individuals and organizations of all sizes adopt DMARC. More than just pretty reports, dmarcian makes DMARC easy to understand, deploy, and maintain.

Feel free to use any of our helpful tools, even if you don’t have a dmarcian account.

Register to start your 30-day trial and discover dmarcian’s user-friendly DMARC application.

Domain Checker

Inspect a domain’s SPF, DKIM and DMARC records with this robust tool

DMARC Inspector

Explore a domain’s DMARC record and policy to identify any issues

DMARC Record Wizard

Build a valid DMARC record with this step-by-step tool

SPF Surveyor

Explore a domain’s SPF record and identify any issues

DKIM Inspector

Ensure that your DKIM record is   error-free

DKIM Validator

Confirm  that your public DKIM key    is valid

XML-to-human Converter

Converts DMARC XML reports to readable, actionable reports

Data Providers

Explore DMARC XML data providers for the past week

Get your domains into compliance.