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SPF Surveyor

Our SPF Surveyor provides a graphical view of DNS records that allows you to more easily identify which third-party email sources and IPs are authorized to send on behalf of a domain. The tool will also verify that the SPF record has correct syntax and is free of errors that could lead to diminished email deliverability and failed email authentication.

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DNS queries to resolve the mechanism / modifier

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DNS lookups needed to validate the record

This SPF record exceeds the maximum of 10 DNS lookups. Often, unnecessary entries can be safely removed after evaluating DMARC data. To learn how to address the "Too many lookups" issue, read our guide here:

This record has a high lookup count. Review and adjust as needed based on this domain's DMARC data

This record has a low lookup count. Review and adjust as needed based on this domain's DMARC data.

This record utilizes no DNS-querying mechanisms / modifiers. There are no efficiency gains to be made in terms of reducing the number of DNS queries.

Learn more about SPF mechanisms / modifiers.

netblocks are authorized, which equals

IPv4 addresses

It's important to periodically review SPF records to ensure that only necessary netblocks are included.

Duplicate netblock authorization

The following netblocks have been authorized more than once. Duplicates usually indicate inefficient records or redundant "include" mechanisms, and should be removed.

Record flattening

Get help resolving SPF’s 10 DNS lookup limit here. Learn why we strongly advise against SPF Flattening here.

Congratulations! Your SPF record is valid.

High five! Your SPF record is valid, but...

Warning! Your SPF record is valid, but...

There is something wrong with your SPF record.

No SPF Record for this domain.

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Read more about how to create and add an SPF record here.

Dive deeper into the SPF Record Syntax Table here.

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