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XML to Human Converter

DMARC Report Analyzer

DMARC Aggregate Reports contain a lot of useful information, but the XML feedback needs to be processed, decorated and visualised to give humans a shot at understanding what this feedback means. Without this processing, you probably have a hard time understanding your DMARC Reports, and our XML to Human Converter definitely helps you out.

NOTE: The Yahoo and Google DMARC requirement came into force February 1, 2024. We’ve written a guide to help you with the new sender requirements and to ensure your emails won’t be disrupted.

Why use our DMARC Report Analyzer?

  • DMARC XML reports are very difficult to read
  • Which makes it practically impossible to solve possible email deliverability issue
  • Without visualisation of your DMARC Reports, it’s difficult to start implementing DMARC

If you are receiving many DMARC reports from reporters like Google, Yahoo!, Amazon and others, you’ll likely find that analyzing individual reports isn’t practical. By combining all the received DMARC reports you get a complete insight of all emails being sent on behalf of your domain.

Allow our application to create this complete insight for you. A dmarcian account will store past reports so you can observe trends and be alerted when new threats arise.

Get your domains into compliance.
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