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MSPs & IT Agencies

Let us help you do the work of making email safer for everyone.

Clients of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) face the same cybersecurity and email reliability issues as larger organizations, but resources are limited. As attackers become more sophisticated and email delivery more complicated, MSPs must provide better support by working smarter.

Cybersecurity has moved from an abstraction in the public consciousness to something that can have a real impact in our everyday lives. We see phishing and email compromise headlines and hear victim stories regularly. In the past, cybersecurity would be raised initially by the MSP; now, customers are asking about it proactively.

dmarcian recognizes that in order for email to be better, email must be protected. The largest swath of email is used by small to medium businesses SMBs, the majority of which are serviced by MSPs.

Having the visibility and insight gained by DMARC into your customers’ digital footprints becomes more difficult with the inevitable growth ushered in by digital transformation. The lack of this visibility can result in customers being exploited and lost. Being an early DMARC adopter ensures you are positioned to translate the value of technologies built on top of DMARC, like ARC, BIMI and others to come.

Without dmarcian, unnecessary time is spent tracking down and dousing client fires due to inconsistent cybersecurity and email practices.

You can learn more about our Partner Program and get in touch with us to review its value and pricing here.

dmarcian’s DMARC management platform frees up time for bespoke client service and new revenue opportunities by managing clients’ internet configurations and alerting you when attention is needed.