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MSP Program Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

MSP Program Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

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On January 1, 2022, dmarcian launched its official MSP program. While we’ve worked with MSPs for many years, the formalized program was born out of a desire to reach more domain owners in an effort to spread DMARC even further into the ecosystem.

More specifically, we recognized that SMBs, owning a healthy percentage of commercial domains, were quickly pushed through a digital transformation due to COVID-19 and were looking to MSPs for assistance through those changes. Now that we have come a full year since the program launch, we are taking this opportunity to reflect on what we’ve learned from MSPs and envision where we will take the program in the future.

Our MSP program philosophy aligns with dmarcian’s mission of increasing accessibility to DMARC technology to make email and the internet safer. MSP Program Manager Joe Garner says, “We realized there was a huge group of email users that would never come into our front door and deploy DMARC themselves.” For some businesses, usually small to medium sized with either no IT staff or a one-person department to accomplish all IT tasks, DMARC would simply be out of reach. By developing a program designed for MSPs, we have been able to support organizations that would previously have been unable to do the work required to deploy DMARC, as they simply didn’t have the time or resources to do so. 

“The relationships we have with our MSP partners are important because they allow for the exponential spread of DMARC,” Joe continues. To see the impact MSPs can have on DMARC adoption, one only needs to look at the numbers for the last year. In the first year of the program, dmarcian’s work with MSPs equates to DMARC implementation on more than 3500 domains. 

When asked what the future looks like for the MSP program, Joe sees a continually growing need. “We are seeing more and more MSPs taking an interest in DMARC. MSP clients are beginning to ask for it.” he says. Business owners face new pressures to get DMARC in place as cyber insurance requirements and other DMARC mandates become more commonplace. On cyber insurance applications, for example, underwriters are asking about foundational cybersecurity controls, including DMARC.  

“Our MSP partners are really an extension of dmarcian. We educate and support our MSP partners when needed and provide the tools and skills to make them the DMARC experts for their clients,” Joe says. Out of feedback from MSP partners last year, dmarcian rolled out the ability to sort domains by client groups, allowing MSPs to better control the work they do for their customers. In the next year, Joe envisions more MSP-specific educational resources to continue to support and empower MSPs in advocating DMARC adoption and using the dmarcian platform.

To facilitate connections between MSPs and interested businesses, we keep an updated list of local and global partners at our Find A Partner page. If you are an MSP and would like to partner with us to spread DMARC, reach out and become a Partner. 

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