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Dublin City University’s DMARC Compliance Journey

Dublin City University’s DMARC Compliance Journey

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Our EU Director Dermot Harnett and Deployment Representative Matia Boldrini joined Dublin City University’s Information Systems Services (ISS) Team on April 9, 2024, to discuss the lessons learned and challenges overcome during DCU’s journey to DMARC compliance.

The presenters take a straightforward, candid look at the DCU DMARC project, stressing the importance of building relationships and support among university departments and the coworkers that lead them.

As you’ll learn in the presentation, DCU ISS was motivated by the NCSC’s email security guidance, and began their DMARC discovery phase, including advocacy among the university leadership and an initial trial with dmarcian. The ISS team shares their challenges for prioritizing this project and how they informed university stakeholders through meetings and internal communications. With the visibility gained through DMARC, they also talk about how they discovered redundant IT resources and were able to gain efficiency.

If you weren’t able to join us or if you want to catch it again, here’s the recording to learn about DCU’s DMARC journey as they bolster email security and help reduce their support load.

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