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dmarcian announces partnership with EnCirca

Online Security Services Now More Accessible for Community Banks November 12th, 2018 - With trust at the heart of the bank-to-customer relationship, community banks strive to compete with mega banks in their ability to secure their online banking and email communication channels. As a whole, community banks with limited IT staff are particularly vulnerable to email, web, and online attacks from bad actors.  Fortunately, open standard technologies exist today for community banks to cost-effectively address cyber vulnerabilities and achieve the…
Vaughn Talbert
9 November 2018
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The Cybersecurity Tech Accord and the Global Cyber Alliance endorse DMARC

A recent event in Washington D.C. brought together the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), the Cybersecurity Tech Accord (CTA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Department of Justice (DoJ) to acknowledge the importance of email authentication in securing the online world. The event coincided with the one year anniversary of the DHS BoD 1801 - a Binding Operational Directive instructing the Federal government to adopt email and web security standards including DMARC. dmarcian’s CEO, and one of the primary authors…
Vaughn Talbert
19 October 2018
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Webinar: The Evolution of Phishing & How We Fight It

In 2017, the FBI estimated that losses due to business email compromise increased by 88% as compared to 2016. Yet many end users still associate phishing with the prototypical email from Nigeria. In this webinar, dmarcian CEO Tim Draegen and GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien will walk through the history of phishing attacks – from the early days of the widespread Nigerian prince schemes to today’s sophisticated and highly targeted spear phishing threats. We’ll explore how we keep our philosophical approach…
Vaughn Talbert
17 October 2018
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GDPR’s Impact on DMARC Data Collection

When the EU passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) it triggered a worldwide examination of different types of data, including the data found in DMARC Aggregate (RUA) and Failure (RUF) reports. A legal analysis from ECO, the German Internet Industry group, breaks down all aspects of DMARC data and the concerns involved related to GDPR for report generators and consumers alike. Assessing Aggregate Reports The analysis makes a distinction between Aggregate and Failure reports in its review. Aggregate reports…
Barry Jones
24 September 2018
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Phishing leaves a DMARC trail

Earlier this year The Anti-Phishing Working Group (AWPG) and dmarcian had the opportunity to look for patterns across data sets to see if anything interesting emerged. We decided to cross reference the IP addresses from APWG’s phishing and malicious IP data sets contained in their eCrime Exchange (eCX) threat data sharing platform, against the addresses in our DMARC reports to see if there was any overlap, and if so to look for patterns. These are the results that we presented…
Barry Jones
7 August 2018

What to do About Non-DMARC Capable Email Sources

Non DMARC Capable Sources When deploying DMARC, you may occasionally encounter email vendors that do not support DMARC authentication on your outbound email.  While most email service providers have implemented and adopted DMARC as a best practice, some vendors have not caught up. To help users deal with Non-DMARC capable sources, dmarcian classifies these email streams as "Non-Capable" (or "Non-Compliant"). This is done for two reasons: To save our users time trying to get a source of email to send…
19 February 2018