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Videos: Domain Overview, Source Viewer & Detail Viewer

Videos: Domain Overview, Source Viewer & Detail Viewer

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Are you interested in learning how our platform can help you achieve your DMARC goals? Take a look at a few features of our DMARC Management Platform.

Domain Overview

Displays a summary of the status of all your domains and sources along with a geographical location of recent abuse. It is a great place to get started, as you can view the state of your domains at a glance so you can get to work locking down your email domains. Learn more

Source Viewer

The Source Viewer is where you get a quick, digestible view of who is sending email on your behalf and, most importantly, what level of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC coverage each of your domains have. Learn more

Detail Viewer

The Detail Viewer is a comprehensive data discovery tool that allows you to explore your DMARC data in a variety of ways, providing visbility and actionable insights on how to get your email sources compliant with DMARC.
Learn more

You can find more information about our DMARC Management Platform here.

If you haven’t begun your DMARC project, we invite you to register for a 30-day trial where you’ll get some help along the way.

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