In this webinar we teamed up with our partner SocketLabs to provide perspectives on email authentication. dmarcian Deployment Consultant Alwin de Bruin and SocketLabs Email Delivery Manager Brian Godiksen discuss why recent industry trends are transforming SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication from “nice-to-have” to an essential component of your email program’s success. Some of the topics include:

  • Why is DMARC so important?
  • What is “No Auth/No Entry”?
  • What industry changes are occurring?
  • Why is it critical that companies embrace DMARC now?
  • How you can prepare your company for future success?

We hope you enjoy it!


Brian Godiksen | Email Delivery Manager, SocketLabs

Brian has been helping organizations optimize email deliverability since joining SocketLabs in 2011. He manages deliverability analysts that consult with customers on best infrastructure practices, including email authentication, bounce processing, IP address warm-up, and email marketing list management. Brian leads the fight against spam and email abuse at SocketLabs by managing compliance across the platform. He is a participant in key industry groups such as M3AAWG and the Email Experience Council.

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Alwin de Bruin | Deployment Consultant, dmarcian

dmarcian’s Netherlands-based deployment consultant Alwin de Bruin has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the email ecosystem. At dmarcian, he is responsible for helping organizations of all sizes deploy DMARC and boost the adoption of open standards related to email and domain security. A recognized and respected cybersecurity expert, Alwin is called upon to speak at industry events and conduct trainings to help organizations secure their domains and make email and the Internet more trustworthy.

dmarcian strives to make email safer by expanding the knowledge and awareness of DMARC. If you need assistance with your DMARC project, let us know. If you haven’t begun your DMARC project, you can sign up for a no-strings attached, free trial here.

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