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Brand abuse of

A domain controlled by DMARC Advisor without authority or permission of dmarcian Inc. to use the “dmarcian” mark or name.

Update: For the February 14, 2023 US Court Order finding, download here. The Order is potentially subject to appeal and/or update.

Update: For the August 28, 2021 US Court Order finding the unlicensed Dutch partner in contempt of violating the injunction, download here. The Order is potentially subject to appeal and/or update.

Update: For the May 26, 2021 US Court Order granting dmarcian Inc.’s request for a preliminary injunction, download here. The specific requirements of the order can be found on page 75. The Order is potentially subject to appeal and/or update.

Although they are a part of a pending appeal they are still valid and binding. In other words, the orders remain in place while the appeal is pending. In fact, we are not aware in any court that this has been stopped or dissolved.

We are aware of the elaborate messaging put forth to all customers trying to access their accounts via the domain We’ve asserted that our company has been subject to a brand attack from a former licensee in The Netherlands. We will continue to communicate any impact and actions as quickly as possible.

The previously mentioned Court Order includes a discussion of this subject matter. We do note, however, that is no longer a valid domain name for the EU-based dmarcian platform and customers. Please update your bookmarks to navigate to moving forward.

In addition, DMARC, Forensic, and TLS DNS records should not reference; the target domain for all reporting should be,, or, as appropriate. See your preferences page for guidance.

Please contact if you are having issues with logging in, Single Sign On (SSO), or FIDO2-key logins.

The Facts

dmarcian Inc. contends that a Dutch partner lost its license to act on behalf of dmarcian on 22 January 2021.

The unlicensed partner has not relinquished control of various dmarcian Internet domains, most importantly

dmarcian customers trying to access accounts on are now being redirected to an unauthorized copy of the dmarcian application. The copy is apparently being operated by the unlicensed partner.

As we continue to investigate, study the implications of ongoing brand abuse, and work to gain control over all dmarcian-related Internet domains, we’ll inform dmarcian users that are affected by redirection of DMARC data destined for

dmarcian customers are serviced through and customers should be suspicious of and question anyone or any service pushing their business and their data away from our trusted domain.

Always check the URLs of where you and your data are being directed to. All legitimate dmarcian communications and service will come from in all other regions as well.

For example: and are valid domains, along with with (used by our legacy customers). is not a valid domain.

Other sites are NOT associated with and therefore, do not have the rights to use our brand or sell our services.

Here are some questions you might have.

You own your data. That has always been the case. In accordance with our posted Terms, you are considered a data controller for that data and dmarcian is engaged as a data processor to carry out certain processing activities on your behalf. Processing personal data in a secure and transparent way is important to us.

Yes, the first step is to identify where your DMARC reporting addresses currently send data. As we’ve grown over the years, we initially set out to clean up our domain name space by launching country-specific URLs. In 2019 we permitted our then licensee to stand up and redirect traffic to, where data processing took effect (and still does: our data storage locations are unchanged). If your DMARC records point to a domain other than, there are no actions to take.

If your DMARC record does point to, please follow these steps:

  • Update your bookmarks to navigate to moving forward.
  • DMARC, Forensic, and TLS DNS records should not reference; the target domain for all reporting should be,, or, as appropriate. See your preferences page for guidance.

More complete guidance on proper records for your account is also always available in your account at under the “Add DMARC” area.

For most of our European customers, nothing has happened and you’ve been unaffected. For a select few European customers who have their DMARC reporting address pointed to target, your data may potentially be redirected to an unlicensed copy of our application if you do not update to,, or, as appropriate.

When you registered for service in any region through, you signed Terms and Conditions with the US-based dmarcian, Inc. If the former licensee created a service contract with you via a manual invoice or support/deployment service contract, you may need to review that agreement to see if you accepted alternate terms and conditions. They hold a contract to service your account, not to own your data or your license to use the dmarcian platform.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any further questions or concerns about the use of the domain, please do not hesitate to contact dmarcian at:

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