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How to use Domain Groups

How to use Domain Groups

dmarcian Platform

Domain Groups allow dmarcian users to easily group together and manage related domains.  Domain Groups are created using the Mission Control interface.  

Domain Groups are typically used to group together domains by:

  • Business units and/or departments
  • Product lines
  • DNS providers
  • Parked domains – retired or no longer used domains
  • Reserved domain – acquired for future use or for strategic purposes
  • Customer domains for ESPs or other service providers
  • Groups based on billing
  • Geographic areas, such as by city, state, province, country, county, zip code, etc.

When a Domain Group has been created and populated with domains, the dmarcian site will note the presence of the Domain Group and expose additional functionality:

  • Access to Domain Groups can be granted on a read-write/read-only/none basis to specific users.  This form of access control allows dmarcian administrator users to invite colleagues to view or manage a sub-set of available domains. For example, an admin may choose to create Domain Groups based on departments, and grant access to specific Domain Groups to colleagues that are associated with the department.
  • Reports can be configured based on the domains associated with a Domain Group. If you’re only interested in periodic reports regarding a specific set of domains, you can create a dedicated Domain Group, add the desired domains, and use the Reporting Officer to generate reports using the domains found in the dedicated Domain Group.
  • When manually adding domains to dmarcian, you can automatically add those domains to an existing Domain Group.

Domain Groups are a flexible way to manage domains within the dmarcian tools. 

Let us know if you have questions or suggestions on how we can make Domain Groups work better for you.

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