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IP Safelisting Security Feature on dmarcian Platform

IP Safelisting Security Feature on dmarcian Platform

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In the dmarcian application, you can take advantage of IP Safelisting functionality, which is available for both API access or standard login sessions for Plus and Enterprise subscription tiers.

With IP Safelisting, dmarcian account administrators can set permission levels for other account users by restricting browser-based sessions to a predefined set of IP addresses. You can do the same based on IP addresses for your API endpoint connection to dmarcian.

As a security feature, IP Safelisting restricts access and is an effective way to limit who is accessing your account either programmatically or via a browser. Because so many people are working from home, it is a benefit for organizations that require a virtual private network (VPN) to access the organization’s network. Enabling IP Safelisting for organizations who require VPN usage may benefit from an additional layer of access control security.

You can find IP Safelisting controls under IP Safelisting in your Access Control page in the dmarcian application.

To start using the IP Safelisting, all you need to do is enable it (user sessions and/or API access) and then add the IP addresses you would like to safelist. Once enabled, any IP addresses not listed will not be allowed to access your account.

We’re here to help people understand and deploy DMARC, so get in touch with us if you have any questions about our platform and the IP Safelisting feature.

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