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Why Email Authentication Matters

Why Email Authentication Matters

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In this white paper, we partnered with our friends at SparkPost to discuss why it’s so critical to not only be aware of but understand and implement DMARC best practices to defend your brand’s integrity and overall security posture.

Starting small by first communicating the importance of DMARC to stakeholders and explaining how it works will help build a foundation of understanding and respect for authentication across the landscape of executives.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The areas where your organization’s email programs might be vulnerable
  • The concept of Shadow IT and ways to control this growing problem
  • The basics of email authentication and a deeper dive into DMARC
  • Specifics on how to implement your own email authentication standards
  • Tools and vendors you can rely on to help establish DMARC policies and standards

Download the white paper

dmarcian strives to make email safer by expanding the knowledge and awareness of DMARC. 

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