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SPF Problems with MailChimp

We sometimes hear from our customers who have problems with how Mailchimp handles SPF. They see the following in their dmarcian dashboard:SPF is not possible as Mailchimp uses their own domain in the bounce address.And sometimes they’ll message us with some variation of the following:I chatted with a support rep at Mailchimp this morning and…
Becky Kobsik
24 February 2021
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SPF Management Challenges

The email world was a much different place back in 1997 when the idea of SPF was taking shape. It went mostly unnoticed when first publicly mentioned around 2000, but fast-forward 20 years, and it is now one of the most widespread forms of email authentication in use, along with DKIM and DMARC. Ensuring the…
John Bowers
23 March 2020
History of SPF

The History of SPF

Dec 14, 1997 Jim Miller sends Paul Vixie an email with his idea on verifying SMTP MAIL FROM address from means of outbound-smtp MX dns records. Note: This event and the date are not confirmed by public records and are based solely on information provided by Paul Vixie. Mar 27, 2000 – Public mention of the idea to create 'MS'…
Vaughn Talbert
18 March 2019