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The Benefits of DMARC


After making all of your legitimate email easy to identify, you can tell the world to refuse fake email that pretends to be from your company. This was DMARC's original use - to prevent domain abuse.


All major receivers of email ask to be sent DMARC compliant email.
Easy to identify email, turns out to be easy to process and deliver. Before DMARC, receivers of email had to do their best to figure out if email was real or not: a messy process that ends up with users looking in spam folders for missing email!


Easy to identify email gives mail clients the chance to improve their software. Basic improvements in User Interfaces are being made now, with more advanced functionality to come.


Domain owners now have visibility into how their domains are being used across the Internet. dmarcian converts DMARC data into a clear picture of who and how domains are used, and how to get legitimate email into compliance with DMARC.

dmarcian makes DMARC easy

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