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DMARC is a one-time upgrade

DMARC is a one-time upgrade


DMARC brings tangible benefits to those who deploy it. In our work to help as many people as possible deploy DMARC, we’ve uncovered an interesting truth.

DMARC is a one-time upgrade.

Viewed as a one-time upgrade, the process of deploying DMARC becomes obvious. Pull together a list of domains, use DMARC’s feedback data to figure out what needs to be fixed, fix things, and then put in place controls.

Of course, everyone uses email all the time, and changing anything about it should be done carefully.  We at dmarcian have found the project management discipline to be ideal for rolling out DMARC at larger organizations. Projects begin, do work, and then end. During the execution of the project, quite a bit of learning goes on, which gets folded back into the organization. When the project is over, DMARC is just another piece of managed technology—like SSL certificates and VOIP handsets.

When we help our largest customers deploy DMARC, we end up doing the heavy lifting of figuring out what needs to be fixed by analyzing DMARC feedback data. We also do the regular lifting of helping organizations build out the right internal processes so that DMARC gets baked into the organization.  When the work is done, the one-time upgrade is over, and DMARC is just how email gets sent at the organization.

DMARC as a one-time upgrade makes sense if DMARC is to be deployed everywhere, which why dmarcian is around. To take advantage of the freely available DMARC technology, some work needs to be done.  In our experience a scoped, one-time upgrade is far better than the unbound expense of email-based fraud, less than optimal email delivery, and having no visibility into how domains are being used in email.