What is DMARC?

Email's Fundamental Flaw

The ability to easily create fake email has plagued the medium since the very beginning. This fundamental flaw has given rise to spam, phishing, and the use of email in the spread of malware.

The Receiver's Burden

Traditionally, the burden of figuring out if email is real has been left to receivers. Despite making huge investments in anti-spam technologies to keep out fake email, the worst stuff still gets through.

DMARC Fixes The Flaw

DMARC adds features to email to make it easy to identify email. Senders are given what they need to accurately identify themselves, and receivers are given a simple way to check the legitimacy of email - at internet scale!

Next Generation Email

The new ability to easily identify email is changing the rules. Email delivery is simplified, advanced reputation systems have a stable foundation to build upon, and strong security controls can be applied against fraudulent email.