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Webinar: A How-To Guide to Modernizing Your Phishing Defenses

By 26 November 2018 No Comments

Part 2 in the Series: Beyond the Nigerian Prince

In our last webinar, we discussed how phishing protection is a shared responsibility between the industry as a whole, organizations and their security teams, and the individual end user.

In the 2nd webinar of our 3-part series, dmarcian founder Tim Draegen and GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien discuss the phishing defenses of an ideal organization and talk about how to address the “danger zones” that represent the most underserved or misunderstood areas of phishing defense.

We provide an action plan for:

  • Assessing your email security strategy and identifying areas of weakness
  • Deploying a continuous improvement model for email security
  • Developing a trusted online presence

Tim Draegen

Kevin O’Brien