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Need to Ignore Some Reporters to Reach Higher DMARC Compliance?

Need to Ignore Some Reporters to Reach Higher DMARC Compliance?

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Many customers may find that on their journey to DMARC compliance, certain DMARC reporters (email servers that receive email from your domain) are consistently reporting the same levels of SPF, DKIM and DMARC compliance even after you correct any issues on the sending side. In the past these would simply have to be ignored by the user and everyone would have to agree that 98% compliance is the best they can do.

Well, no more!

Now, if you’re aware of a reporter sending in spurious DMARC XML reports, you can configure your dmarcian account to ignore those particular reporters and live happily seeing your 100% compliance. This feature is available to all dmarcian account levels.

Ignore Reporters

How to Use Ignore Reporters

This feature, located on the preferences page which is underneath the user in the top navigation menu, allows users to search for reporters and ultimately opt out of processing DMARC XML reports from those reporters.

The interface allows for searching in two ways:

  1. Via our known reporters list where a user can enter “Goo” and the field will auto-complete to any known reporter matching that combination, e.g. “”
  2. Via a wildcard as some reporters may come in as In this case a user can enter “” in our wild card search, which will go into the block list as “*,” causing any iteration of the hostname to be blocked.

As soon as a user enters a reporter into the blocked reporters list, we will begin ignoring any report that comes from that address. If a user removes a reporter from the blocklist, that change is also immediate, and we will begin processing those reports when the next one is received. Note that while a reporter exclusion is in place, we cannot reprocess or recover any ignored reports.

Only dmarcian account administrators are able to edit/update the ignored reporters list. All other users are able to see which reporters are being ignored but not actively update the list.

If you have any questions about the ignore reporters feature, get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.

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