We are excited to release additional functionality to dmarcian’s Timeline, which has proven to be pivotal in helping deploy and manage DMARC records. Along with DMARC visualization, you can now view SPF and DKIM updates on the Timeline.  

A visual representation of a domain’s DNS history, the Timeline allows you to see when a record has been added or modified; in addition, the Timeline will show you results of the record change so you’ll know if it is correct or needs attention. Because changes are clear and categorized by type and date range, you can quickly observe and troubleshoot DNS issues.

You can access the Timeline via the DMARC Manager dropdown menu when you’re logged in your dmarcian account. The Timeline is available for all Basic, Plus, and Enterprise subscription accounts with event history bound to each subscription level’s data availability.

When you’re on the Timeline page in the dmarcian application, the new options are available as drop-down menus, and you can easily filter for the events you’d like to view. You now have the ability to filter various SPF and DKIM DNS-related events including the following: 

  • Any Change
  • Discovered or created
  • Invalid or disappeared
  • Warnings
  • Network added/removed
  • IPs added/removed (SPF-specific)
  • Public key length (DKIM-specific)
  • Public key type (DKIM-specific)

Our Timeline feature affords you the opportunity to explore the SPF tree in-depth to discover changes which are hidden, even if they are obscured by mechanisms like include:<domain>

dmarcian Timeline feature

In addition, by clicking “Difference View” you have a visualization choice of “New vs Old View” to provide a quick overview of an exact change.

Timeline difference view
Timeline New vs old view

The SPF and DKIM functionality on the Timeline allows you to monitor not only when you make changes but also when others (third-party senders, DNS providers, etc.) manipulate your SPF and DKIM records by way of CNAME, DNS delegation, include statements, and others.

With our ever-evolving and improving DMARC solution, dmarcian continues to help thousands of organizations adopt the industry standard. To make DMARC accessible to and understandable by all, we demystify related technologies like SPF and DKIM and provide intelligible resources to help domain administrators and mail system operators with the insights they need to do their jobs with confidence and clarity.

If you have any questions about the dmarcian Timeline, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you haven’t begun your DMARC project, you can register for a free 14-day trial.

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