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Importance of Automated DKIM Key Rotation

Since DKIM keys are publicly published, they can be a target for attack. The regular replacement of older keys with newer keys (referred to as “key rotation”) is an effective way to defend against this because it minimizes the period during which attackers may be able to compromise a private key, as well as the…
John Bowers
6 August 2021
DKIM Selector code Technical Guidance

DMARC Reporters Who Skip the DKIM Selectors

With the DMARC technical standard, the importance for reporters to include DKIM selectors in their reports cannot be minimized. DMARC aggregate reporting is high level and includes all the information you would expect is important and sometimes necessary to identify who sent the original email. The DKIM selector is vital when it comes to deciding…
Vaughn Talbert
20 January 2020
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DKIM Selectors

This article takes a look at DKIM Selectors in particular. We explain: What DKIM Selectors are Where to find your own DKIM Selector To use DKIM, email servers are configured to attach special DKIM signatures to the emails they send. These signatures travel with the emails and are verified along the way by the email…
Vaughn Talbert
13 January 2020