How DMARC Contributes to Email Delivery and Engagement

In the State of Email Security, Mimecast reports that email “impersonation attacks increased almost 70 percent in comparison to the results in last year’s report – with 73 percent of those organizations impacted by impersonation attacks having experienced a direct loss, specifically loss of customers (28%), financial loss (29%) and data loss (40%). Phishing attacks…
John Bowers
26 July 2019
Technical Guidance

Understanding Shadow IT

For those who’ve been doing IT long enough to remember using a green display monitor also remember a time when everything was locked down and centralized. During the early 1980s, Local Area Networks became more popular and with them came decentralization, allowing other internal departments within an organization to take control of their IT requirements…
Vaughn Talbert
23 May 2019
Ecosystem News

Email marketers: DMARC just delivered

In recognition of Safer Internet Day, John Rae-Grant (Google Product Manager) just wrote about 2 significant changes coming to Gmail on the web.  Both changes give users more visibility into the underlying trustworthiness of a piece of email. (more…)
9 February 2016