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What is DMARC.IO?

What is DMARC.IO?

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As presented in the post, The Importance of Sources in DMARC, source information is displayed in several places. Most are within dmarcian’s application itself, but there’s one external repository – DMARC.IO

The purpose of this resource is to help operators, developers, deployers – essentially anybody that deals with DMARC in one way or another – by providing information that is classified into four categories:

  • Email sources – infrastructures that send email on behalf of other domains
  • Email forwarders – services that impact email authentication and DMARC
  • DMARC data providers – companies that generate aggregate (XML) and individual reports (AFRF)
  • Technology suppliers – companies that build and ship support for DMARC

The most important category to domain owners during the course of DMARC deployment is “Email Sources.” When a new source of email is found and deployers are wondering about its capabilities, steps in to provide actual (and actionable) information on whether a given source is DMARC-capable or not.

If you’re wondering how all of this runs, how sources are created and updated, and your role in the process, you can check out our article.

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