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SPF Problems with MailChimp

We sometimes hear from our customers who have problems with how Mailchimp handles SPF. They see the following in their dmarcian dashboard:SPF is not possible as Mailchimp uses their own domain in the bounce address.And sometimes they’ll message us with some variation of the following:I chatted with a support rep at Mailchimp this morning and…
Becky Kobsik
24 February 2021
DeploymentTechnical Guidance

How to Publish a DMARC Record with Wix

For those of you that use Wix as your DNS provider, here are brief instructions for adding a DMARC record. If your domain has been added through one of their partners, you’ll manage your DNS records through that hosting partner. Create your domain’s DMARC record. If you have already generated a DMARC record, you can…
Becky Kobsik
19 February 2021
DeploymentTechnical Guidance

Policy Modes: Quarantine vs Reject

Published in the DNS, a DMARC policy allows a domain owner to indicate that their email messages are protected by SPF and/or DKIM and is used to determine what is done to non-compliant email: p=none is used to collect feedback and gain visibility into email streams without impacting existing flows. It’s a crucial first step.…
19 December 2020