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Expansion of DMARC is Now Critical

Press Release Reposted with Permission from The Global Cyber Alliance Expansion of DMARC Critical to Reducing Spread of Malicious Emails Global Cyber Alliance Calls on Leading Cyber Companies To Improve Email Protections SAN FRANCISCO, February 14, 2017 – There is a fix that can prevent a great amount of email-born attacks on consumers and businesses. Unfortunately,…
14 February 2017
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Sub-domain Abuse Goes Mainstream

Last week, LinkedIn was the target of a massive, global cyber attack. The attack came in the form of phishing that looks almost exactly like real LinkedIn address confirmation emails. Only two things differed: (more…)
6 February 2017
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Subdomain Management Changes

As many of you may have noticed, there have recently been some changes to the UI regarding subdomains. After talking with people about how subdomains were being used and abused across the internet, we decided to spend some time rethinking how dmarcian process, sorts and displays subdomains. These new changes allow our system to handle…
9 January 2017
Technical Guidance

What is “External Destination Verification”?

A domain's DMARC record can tell the world to send DMARC reports to a different domain. For example, the domain might have a DMARC record of: v=DMARC1; p=none; This DMARC record tells people to send reports regarding to the email address of Before reports are sent, must tell the world…
23 June 2016
dmarcian Platform

How to use Domain Groups

Domain Groups allow dmarcian users to easily group together and manage related domains.  Domain Groups are created using the Mission Control interface.  Domain Groups are typically used to group together domains by: (more…)
25 May 2016
dmarcian PlatformTechnical Guidance

SPF-Identified Servers – How and Why

To turn DMARC into something useful to people, dmarcian processes DMARC data using a big pile of rules.  These rules identify sources of email, and dmarcian presents users with DMARC compliance information based on email source. One identified source of email is called "SPF-Identified Servers", and dmarcian users are often curious as to how data ends up in…
5 April 2016
Ecosystem News

Email marketers: DMARC just delivered

In recognition of Safer Internet Day, John Rae-Grant (Google Product Manager) just wrote about 2 significant changes coming to Gmail on the web.  Both changes give users more visibility into the underlying trustworthiness of a piece of email. (more…)
9 February 2016