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How to Handle Your Parked Domains

It is easy to overlook parked domains (also referred to as inactive domains) when it comes to email security. After all, these domains are typically inactive and in some cases not even configured to send email. However, they shouldn’t be overlooked. Failure to take proper precautions protecting inactive domains provides unique opportunities for third parties…
Vaughn Talbert
19 November 2019
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RUF – What is it Good for?

Forensic (RUF) reporting was once widely used for email troubleshooting, but privacy concerns have now marginalized its use. With over seven years of email ecosystem experience, dmarcian Deployment Consultant Mohammed Zaman talks about what he sees as the rise and fall of forensic reporting and what the future may hold for it.When did you first…
Vaughn Talbert
13 November 2019

What to do About Non-DMARC Capable Email Sources

Non DMARC Capable Sources When deploying DMARC, you may occasionally encounter email vendors that do not support DMARC authentication on your outbound email.  While most email service providers have implemented and adopted DMARC as a best practice, some vendors have not caught up. To help users deal with Non-DMARC capable sources, dmarcian classifies these email…
19 February 2018
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How to deploy DMARC for inbound processing

As DMARC adoption increases, more people are looking at using DMARC to filter their own email. We’ve put together this article to outline how to do “DMARC inbound.” Email is vast and DMARC is still being adopted. When you start filtering inbound email using DMARC, you’ll discover two important insights: Email comes in from all…
17 December 2015