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Top DMARC Source Guides

Top DMARC Source Guides

Technical Guidance

Over the years we’ve watched third-party vendors, also known as sources, grow both in number and technical capabilities. With the maturation of these offerings, email operators are burdened with figuring out the most appropriate vendor for their individual needs, understanding the nuances of configuring each source according to industry best practices, all the while adhering to internal policies. There is no end to the number of services that will send email on behalf of others.

As your DMARC advocate, we continue our lofty goal of cataloging each of the most popular sources, their DMARC capabilities and providing practical guidance on “how to” configure each to send DMARC-compliant messages.

To date, we’ve cataloged over 1100 sources and their capabilities, which can be accessed from our open-source library or directly from the Source Viewer and Detail Viewer in your dmarcian account.

Informed by platform usage trends and inbound support inquiries, we saw an opportunity to improve our offering. Internal research identified a handful of sources that are broadly used across our customer base, and we felt we could expand on the guidance we provide.

The guides below include more in-depth instructions, referenced directly from the source itself, as well as tips and tricks our Deployment Services professionals have picked up along the way. We hope this gives you the necessary guidance on how best to configure the source for your specific needs.

Source Guides

If you have any questions about how to make your sources DMARC complaint, let us know. You can register for a free trial and use our DMARC Management Platform to align your sources and protect your domains from email spoofing.

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